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Company Profile
Healthy Lemon is a beverage stall that provides a wide array of beverage choices to various groups. We established our business during the Pandemic and it’s been a good reason for us to expand because we continue to grow and add more choices to our menu.


Our trademark is the BUY 1 TAKE 1 LEMONADE DRINK, we are the first to introduce this in the market, as we conduct our own observation, that consumers during the pandemic are very practical and particular to what they buy.


Healthy Lemon has been in the industry since July 2021 and has expanded its product line and range of services over time.


Who We Are
We are known for the First Ever Buy 1 Take 1 Lemon drink in the Philippines
We standout to provide quality and better service with Franchising
Committed to serve and improve in the long run of business
Professionalism, organized, reliable and good relationship towards one another
An environment with a happy and healthy lifestyle
We make sure to deliver excellence and the very best of our performance to work and to our peers


Best Quality Lemonade Variety Flavors
Best Lemon Drink Franchise Provider
Most Affordable Quality Lemonade and Snacks Franchise Provider

Meet Sunny Lemmy!

Introducing Sunny Lemmy, the vibrant mascot of Healthy Lemon! With a cheerful smile and zest for life.
Sunny Lemmy is here to brighten your day and inspire you on your wellness journey.
Just like the sun brings light and warmth, let Sunny Lemmy remind you to nourish your body and mind with wholesome choices.
Embrace positivity, radiate happiness, and sip on some lemonade with our sunny friend by your side. 
Together, we can spread joy and healthy living, one citrusy moment at a time!
#HealthyLemon #SunnyLemmy

Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Deliver our concept of good product to consumers. Create an impact of awareness to a healthy lifestyle. Spread the benefits of drinking lemonade which anyone can enjoy in all seasons.

Our Vision

We want to expand to provide a good livelihood to Filipinos. Offer a brand that anyone can afford. Dreaming of having a business is already a good sign to make it come true, and we, at Healthy Lemon, will make it possible for you!

Meet Our Team

The people behind the success of Healthy Lemon brand. Passion, Dedication, Presence, Focus and Professionalism

Marjorie Barcelona

Healthy Lemon Franchising Owner

Akmad Barcelona

Sales Head

Zea Camano

Franchise Operations Manager

Eilyn Ronidel

Franchise Administrative Officer

Hazel De Luna

Store-Warehouse Manager

Julia Favis

Marketing Associate

Sheryl Bodino

Client Support

Aaron Caparros

Sales Representative

Carlo Ramos

Sales Representative

Leanne Pidlaoan

Sales Representative

Pat Buencamino

Onsite Coordinator/Trainer